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Took a minute… In fact, it took a really long fucking time; much longer than we had planned or wanted. Hopefully you’ll think it was worth the wait. If nothing else, this launch represents a return to what 12ozProphet started as: A brand working on projects people can respect. This means we will no longer be investing all the time and energy into managing teams of people to publish daily news or run third party content at the expense of us developing new products and putting out our own content and projects. From now onwards, it’s just going to be us doing our thing and spotlighting the people and topics that we feel are most interesting and deserving, while returning most of our focus back towards publishing books and regularly releasing the type of projects and products that got everyone excited about 12ozProphet in the first place.
Our online store will be launching shortly and following that will be the release of our new book, The Official Bootleg Series v2.5, along with a bunch of new tees and other 12ozProphet products.
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No, there has not been a Volume 2. This is the followup to AKA Volume 1.5 – OBS.
Cause we’re back motherfuckers!
Handstyle by Crude Oil – Rest In Peace.

12ozProphet - The Official Bootleg Series Volume 2.5.

Releasing on www.12ozProphet.com and select retailers worldwide July 2017.