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Kind of crazy to think that 12ozprophet.com, the website, has been around since 1998. The internet in 1998 was a far different place… There was no Facebook or social media of any kind as we know it today. In fact, the term, ‘social media’ hadn’t even been coined yet. Closest thing to socializing online was probably AOL, which had all kinds of chat rooms where you could post messages in real time and the bulletin boards on Usenet, which is now archived under Google Groups. It was because of the complexity of accessing and using Usenet and IRC (shout out to the alt.graffiti news group!), that we decided to launched The Writers Forum with the assistance of a young hacker kid named Misk, who we compensated with an endless stream of free soda and occasional product out of the Straight From The Bottom mailorder inventory in the old 12ozProphet warehouse. Anyhow, here’s some old shots of the 12ozProphet Forum over the years. Enjoy!