Veefer for 12ozProphet – Graffiti x Studio Sessions

Created by 12ozProphet – Words: Spencer Knowles, Cinematography & Photos: Ethersock, Video Editing: Jason Suarez, Production: Kelly Salih

“Don’t think about it… Be about it… always taking it to the next level… at all times…”

This is the attitude that VEEFER has brought with full force to the streets of New York. He’s about that action, and has been since the late 80s when his iconic VFR throwups first began popping up across the five boroughs. He’s a graffiti writer in the most classic and dedicated sense of the term, a credentialed vet and an imposing presence in the NY scene. If you don’t know about him already stop reading, hop on your nearest search engine and start doing some research. Knowing your roots is crucial in graffiti culture, a culture built on the backs of guys like VEEFER.
The name has fluctuated over the years between VFR, VEEFER, VF and VFRESH, but the mentality has always remained the same. VEEFER is a fucking bomber. After getting his start at the City Hall layups he hit the streets, and hit them hard. Pretty soon his throw ups could be found in some of the most unique spots, and his hands, some of the cleanest out there, were littered across city blocks. What WuTang was to hip hop in the 90s VEEFER was to graffiti, helping to define an era and attitude for future generations.

“The only writers I am checking for are check writers…”

Recently VEEFER has made his way out of the woodwork and into more traditional gallery settings. Over the past couple years he has done a number of solo and group shows in New York and surrounding cities, displaying the unique NY style he helped make famous. But don’t sleep, VEEFER has maintained his presence on the streets, the realest of writers always do.
VEEFER’s career is the kind most graffiti writers aspire to. It hasn’t been without it’s bumps, bruises and brushes with the law, but he has persevered and out lasted many of those he used to share the streets with. VFR has made a name for himself as a king of New York, becoming a legend in the process. For you new comers, he is an example of what to aim for, and for you old timers, a reminder of what graffiti used to be. In an era before internet hype and Instagram likes VEEFER became famous from the city streets, blasting his name directly in the faces of New Yorkers.
Huge thank you to Veefer for taking the time to pass through the 12ozProphet Studio and working on this feature with us.
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