12ozProphet – The Official Bootleg Series Volume 2.5

Created by 12ozProphet – Words: Spencer Knowles, Photos: Various

It’s ridiculous to think that anyone can truly understand style or culture by clicking around the internet. It requires effort, sincerity, and a trust that is only built through participation. Authenticity doesn’t follow up a cheerful greeting with hollow conversation; it’s a guarded character that gradually rewards persistence.

Pay your dues…

When this started, discovery was the driving force of influence. Back when people knew what they had and did all they could to hold onto it. Secrets were coveted, spots were sacred, and culture was learned through hard truths.
Now, it’s easy to see what you want. Reality doesn’t stare you in the face as much as it’s reflected back at you. Rather than looking discerningly at what we see there we gaze in admiration, confident that what’s shown is enough, staring at shadows. Gone is the bubbling anxiety of a deathly curiosity, replaced by stagnant anticipation of what others deem next.
We’ve all been forced to wait. For the opportune time, the moment to strike. But while others seek cover and concealment, or remain barricaded in their ways, we shoot first. This is what anticipation feels like. This is what life was like before random became the norm and gratification came in an instant. We’ve long awaited the chance to remind everyone of what’s missing.
If you felt an absence, we felt it too. The pages of The Official Bootleg Series 2.5 represent that void. They’re not meant to fill it, but rather stoke the fire that boils beneath, and breath passion into a culture gone cold. This is a reality check, cashed in for cultural stimulus.
Production has always been our soul. The art of craft and precision, dedicated to detail and the execution of what inspired us. 12ozProphet was a groundbreaking force when we followed those values. It feels good to be back.
This is the resurgence. This is us using what we know to explore new ideas. This is a full circle traced in hard work and wanderlust. This is heritage and authenticity brought to light. This is us. This is what you hope to be. This is 12ozProphet.
12ozProphet – The Official Bootleg Series Volume 2.5, ISBN: 978-0-9768516-8-4
Specifications: Double gatefold soft cover (matte laminate coating, chrome foil stamping, spot silver ink), 6 x 6.25 inches (15.25 cm x 15.875 cm), 96 full-color pages (+ spot silver ink), 6 assorted vinyl stickers, custom packaged in a sealed foil bag.
Spotlights: Barry McGee, Os Gemeos, Todd James, Jeremy Dean (WOBF), Sacer IRAK, Desa, Crude Oiler, Coyo, Finok, SPone, Ket, Veefer and many more.
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