Finok: O Enterro do Galo (The Burial of the Rooster)

Created by 12ozProphet – Words: Spencer Knowles, Photography: Finok
Finok is no longer just a rising star in the art world, with his latest opening at the Underdog Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal titled O Enterro do Galo (The Burial of the Rooster) he’s firmly established.
Having done his thing and paid his dues in the streets of Brazil, Finok stepped into the gallery and proved himself more than just a writer and street artist. His work reflects a similar blend of folk art and street influence as fellow countrymen Os Gemeos, but finds plenty of ways to differentiate and innovate itself with a style all it’s own. It’s a style that is immediately recognizable as belonging to Finok, and can be found woven throughout both his graffiti and gallery works.
One unique piece of Finok’s style is his use of color, two to be specific. Finok works primarily with the colors red and green. Looking around this show, O Enterro do Galo (The Burial of the Rooster), which was recently hosted at the Underdog Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, you pick up on Finok’s limited palette. It’s not a phase, like Picasso’s blue period, or a thinly veiled effort to promote a christian holiday, It’s just who he is. Red and green are his favorite colors, so why use anything else?

“Based on the expressive dimension of their visual representations, Finok explores here a universe of devotional and popular celebration practices of a syncretic quality, while also taking in the connections of origin and proximity between several elements of popular and traditional culture shared by Portugal and Brazil.”

And they have in fact come to define him. Riding around São Paulo you need only keep your eyes open for the many splashes of red and green across the city to understand the extent of his work. From pieces to, to throw ups and everything in between, it is all executed in Finok’s signature colors. It’s a unique piece of Brazilian graffiti culture that can’t be found here in the states. Sure, lot’s of writers will have their favorite colors (Sail Blue Rustoleum for the win!) but rarely if ever is that presence shown the dedication it is in Brazil.
This show, Finok’s first in Portugal, is defined by it’s large scale works and installations. The gallery’s floor space is dominated by four large colorful balloons that are lit from within. They represent a common connection between Portugal, and Finok’s home in Brazil, with balloons having considerable cultural value and heritage in both countries. It’s these cultural similarities that Finok looked to capture in this collection.
The piece that takes the cake however is the intricate installation at the far end of the room. What from afar looks like a mounted work, realizes itself to be three dimensional as you draw closer. Miniature kites fly from the wall, criss-crossing their strings to create an intricate web. It is a reference to the popular hobby of kite flying, that while being a juvenile past time in some cultures, is actually quite fierce and competitive in Brazil. it’s common practice to attach glass or razor blades to your string and go after the other kites in the sky, eliminating them one by one until you are the king of the sky.
Along with the work presented in this show, Finok also released his first limited edition lithograph, which is available to purchase through the Underdogs outfit. It’s a stunning piece and well worth you money if you can swing it (you probably can’t) assuming any are left by the time you read this. Most of us will be left to enjoy the pictures and hope that one day Fink might pass through wherever we may be stationed. Or maybe we’ll go to Brazil, I hear the drinks are strong, the ladies are booty-full, and the streets a filled with red and green graffiti.
To see more of Finok’s work, visit his website at or follow him on Instargram at @finok.
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