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We probably get more emails asking us for stickers than just about anything else. We finally got around to making another big batch that’ll be available on our online shop as soon as it launches. In the meantime, we’re going to take this back to an age before internet and let some of you get a jump on some stickers.
Send us 1 stamp and $5 cash and we’ll stuff an envelope with some stickers and send them your way. Make sure your mailing address is clearly legible on the envelope you send or on a note inside of it and we also suggest you disguise the cash by wrapping it in a sheet of paper or a page ripped out of a magazine to keep shady post office people from stealing it. Note there’s no way to track what you send us, so this offer is at your own risk, though we haven’t really had many problems doing this in the past. Also, the offer is only for addresses in the USA since sending mail internationally is a pain in the ass. That said, for you non-Americans, if you really want some stickers, Paypal $10 to [email protected] (marked as gift) and we’ll sort you out with some stickers.
6479 US Highway 93 South #312
Whitefish MT 59937